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Whatever nail treatment you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. From standard Gel Nails to Extensions, Dip Powder or Luxury Paraffin Spa treatments, we have you covered.

With numerous systems to choose from we ensure that your natural nails are protected and strengthened no matter what.

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This full manicure or pedicure with cuticle care and nail shaping has an added benefit. We rub a special paste onto the natural nail plate before applying a layer of lustre powder, locking the treatment in.

It strengthens your natural nails, giving them an overall pink pearl shine. Perfect if you’ve had enough of gels, looking for a male nail treatment or want a completely natural shine to your nails.


Using our signature Peacci Polish for those who want a perfect mani/pedi without the Permanency of Gel Polish.



Using The Gel Bottle, we apply gel over the natural nail. This lasts up to 4 weeks.  

We offer Plain, French, Simple and Complex nail art too!


A BIAB manicure uses Builder in a Bottle, a gel-like nail polish, which is applied by our therapists as an overlay on your natural nails.

It works very similarly to a normal gel polish, but as it has a thicker consistency it dries as a stronger and more durable layer.

This can be done plain, french, or with simple or complex nail art too!



A luxurious spa mani or pedi performed by our fabulous therapists which includes a combination of hand massages, cuticle treatments, exfoliation, nail shape and application of Peacci Polish, Gel or BIAB.

For even more luxury why not try our Signature Paraffin wax moisture plus option!


Using sculpting techniques we apply forms to create extensions using The Gel Pot.

You can opt for plain, french or with simple or complex nail art!



Polygel is a hybrid nail polish formula. We apply paper forms and we sculpt them – it offers the best qualities of acrylics and gel nails.

You can opt for plain, french or with simple or complex nail art!


Also known as SNS nails, this super strong dip powder nail technique involves our therapists dipping the nail into coloured powder either with or without a tip to create an extension.  It is finished with a gel like clear sealant on top.

The result is a longer-lasting manicure that can remain chip-free for up to a month.


BIAB gel nail set Builder in a bottle at olive beauty and aesthetics
BIAB Simple Nail Art Set at olive beauty in Milton Keynes
French Simple Nail Extensions Nail Art Gel Nails in milton keynes
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